Meet Emess, Your Local Corporate Slumlord

By Vincent Montoya-Armanios and Fernando Coplin While many Bucks County residents are sick, suffering, and out of work, a New Jersey-based property management company called Emess is working overtime to evict tenants and displace our community members.  Emess Management Company owns Colonial Gardens, Levittown Trace, and Castle Club Apartments among others. Emess has pursued dozens of evictions in past months despite the ongoing CDC moratorium. … Continue reading Meet Emess, Your Local Corporate Slumlord

NOPE volunteers pose with signs

NOPE Stops Sewer Sale

By Mike Wood If you look at the Norristown Municipal Waste Authority’s website, you might never know they’d just won a fight for their existence.  On December 15, 2020 the Norristown Municipal Council voted unanimously to repeal ordinances 20-14, and 20-15, delivering a victory to the people of Norristown. Ordinance 20-14 would have transferred the sewer authority’s assets to the municipality, and ordinance 20-15 authorized … Continue reading NOPE Stops Sewer Sale

5 Things Every Renter Must Know to Help Avoid Eviction

By Blair Haney The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium was extended until January 31,  but without further action by the president or Pennsylvania’s  governor, local renters face eviction notices in coming days, and potentially homelessness, sickness, and death.  [Note: Since this article was published, the CDC eviction moratorium has been extended until March 31.] The potential for mass evictions is high … Continue reading 5 Things Every Renter Must Know to Help Avoid Eviction